Course and Workshop Listing

Self Guided Course: The Power of Public Speaking

$297 (includes GST)

This online course offers a step-by-step guide that will help you feel more comfortable giving a speech, sitting at a boardroom table, or simply speaking up amongst a group of people. This self-guided course was designed to help you write and be able to deliver a speech anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances. Ask us about eligiblility for professional development credits through associations like the CPA.

Carrie's Guided Group Mentorship Program: The Power of Public Speaking & Storytelling

$997 (includes GST) Next course: Mid-2021

Learn directly from Carrie and like-minded peers who share the same desire: to become powerful and effective storytellers and speakers. This 4-week course will be taught online through private webinars and a private Facebook group so you can join in no matter where you live. There will be weekly, one- hour check-ins from Carrie where you can ask questions and discuss challenges. You will be required to write and present a 5-minute speech at the end of the course during the final Zoom call. Carrie will help you through that process and provide coaching in action upon completion.

NEWLY ADDED: video conferencing skills

During these unprecedented circumstances around the world, Carrie has also modified the Guided Group Mentorship Program to include: 

  • how to give an effective webinar
  • how to connect through technology
  • how to deliver a dynamic meeting or presentation when you can’t be in the same room

Let Carrie tell you herself!

how you can use your voice to empower, propel and accelerate your career, your business and your life

3-Hour Storytelling Workshop

$5,250 (includes GST)

Carrie will talk about the power of storytelling and how it can have a dramatic impact on your ability to present, communicate and sell. Stories telling is the heart of everything we do in life and in business. The most powerful leaders are the greatest storytellers. So how does that relate to building your brand, how you bring in clients and present to them? Carrie will tie it all together and give you some concrete takeaways that you can apply to all areas of your life and business. Carrie will also talk about the importance of public speaking skills and why it’s a life skill and a learned skill- one that needs to be invested in if you want to take your career to the next level.

3-Hour Customized Workshop

$5,250 (includes GST)

One of the most common requests Carrie receives is to “customize” her message to clients. Sometimes she is asked to focus on finding, using and embracing the power of your voice and story. Other requests involve how to take your career to the next level through brand building, volunteerism, making connections and public speaking. Carrie brings her knowledge from her 20 year career in broadcast journalism, the take-aways from countless people she has interviewed and puts it all into a 3-hour package with many concrete take-aways.


Customized packages in executive public speaking, speech writing, media relations and corporate sales communication training. Optimize communication skills for maximum results and impact.

Emcee Services

pricing available upon request

Carrie is one of the most sought after emcee’s because she is polished, experienced, and can react quickly and seamlessly to any changes or challenges on stage. Carrie has hosted hundreds of business, fundraising and awards evenings over the years. She can redesign and tighten up your program and help with scripting. She will require an in-person meeting prior to the event and a follow up phone call after to ensure the program runs exactly how organizers envision it.

Moderating Events or Moderating Coaching

pricing available upon request

Moderating events is one of Carrie’s specialities. She has a unique ability to take a panel of people and turn it into a brilliant conversation. If you’ve been asked to moderate and you’re not sure where to begin, Carrie can coach you through the art of moderating and prepare you for any event.

Media Training

prices available upon request

Carrie will prepare you for situations that involve all different types of media, from dealing with TV, radio, newspaper and social media journalists because all have different needs and a different approach. She will help you map out key messages and then teach you how to use those messages during interviews. She will teach you how to say everything in an answer while giving away any details! She will do mock interviews with you and record your sessions so you can watch and learn from them.